This month, The Bennet House is so excited to be partnering with Orlando Moms  Blog to help pamper some amazing ladies! We are happily sending some of our jewelry to their "Second Annual Favorite Things Party" and we couldn't be more pleased to help spoil this group of bloggers. 

This blog is truly awesome. It is a great source of information, humor, advice, and wonderful stories. This blogging community's goal is to make the big city of Orlando seem a little smaller by sharing tips, ideas, and information about events happening in the city as well as groups and opportunites for moms and families to connect. 

Orlando Moms Blog is part of the City Moms Blog organization; check it out to see if your city participates!

Being a small business that lives online, it always warms our hearts to be able to meet and connect with people that we might never be able to physically. Another beginning of a beautiful friendship...brought to you by small businesses and girl bosses online!